Successful H1B VISA Stamping on April 30th in Ottawa Canada


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I referred many of the posts in this forum to prepare for H1B VISA stamping, and they were helpful to some extent at least in gathering the required documents...


As my VISA stamping experience was little different, I thought i will share my experience with others.


VISA Appointment Date & Time: April 30th, 10:30 AM


Reached Ottawa on April 29th by air, stayed in Hampton Inn @ 100 Coventry Road.


Reached Embassy around 10 AM

Important: Don't carry bag pack ( Strictly not allowed, in fact i had to dump mine as i did not find any option to keep and it was raining and i was not in position to find the near by lockers ).


The initial steps are as usual ( security check, checking the DS160, I797, and Passport, Collecting token number and yellow folder, and giving 10 prints).


Here comes the important step -> VISA Interview


Officer called my token number.


The questions and answers were as follows

Me: Good Morning Sir 

VO: Good morning.


VO: when and where u graduated?

Me: I graduated in the year xxxx, and in the university Bengaluru.



VO: what did u do after graduation?

Me: I worked in the company xxx, then after 2 years i joined new company xxx, when i started telling about my 3rd company, he smiled and said i am authorizing your VISA.


Only two questions, i was surprised.... as i had seen in the post that some guys have been asked for 7-10 questions...


from the unknown source what i heard is, if we have graduated from non-corrupt university and our employer records are good. VISA would not be an issue.


Hope this helps others who are planning their stamping.



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Hi Deva 28, congrats... were you on EVC model and whats the success rate in Ottawa. I am going for my H1B extension and i had my first stamping in Ottawa itself..


How long it took for you to get your passport back from embassy? I  have interview on may 29th so will plan accordingly.




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