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I have moved from Company A to Company B, Company A filled my Perm(approved) and later applied my I 140 in 2011 sep . Since i moved to company B , they withdrawn the I 140 application before get aprroved .


Now i have perm approved with  company B and palnning to file I 140 in another week . Can i utilize the priority date of old perm approval.?


If possible. What are the steps i need to do , Wht information i need to share with my current attorney .

I have very limited details from company A(Perm / I 140 appliaction) since they didn't share anything with me that time.

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Even if filings do not go through, IMO, it is essential to keep a record of all petitions in the event of future questions. The government never seems to throw anything away, and you would not want to mistakenly provide incomplete or contradictory information. The best way to be sure of accuracy of future filings is to keep the past ones. When something is missing from your files, try to obtain a copy ASAP to make it easier to reconstruct the paper trail.  It is better to have too much documentation than to be missing a critical paper.

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