Successfull H1B Visa Stamping -- @Calgary, Canada 24th April


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Hi everyone,


I had my H1B Visa interview on 24th of April @ Calgary, Canada.

My interview slot was for 8:30 AM


Following were the questions posed to me by the VO,


1) How long have you been working for your employer ?

2) Who is your client ?

3) What does your client do (product/service/business info) ?

4) What do you do at client place ?

5) What is your highest educational qualification ?


I was informed by VO that my visa was approved but my PIMS was not yet updated.

She informed me that it should be resolved in a couple of hours later that very same day(24th April).


I haven't had any updates to my case from 24th April onwards.


Have checked my CSC Visa Account Summary page for Waybill number but with no luck.

My status in CEAC is READY with

Creation Date            : 24-April-2014

Status Updated Date : 24-April-2014


Have anyone of you who attended their visa interviews on 23rd /24th / 25th of April get passport pickup emails from Loomis yet ?


Please let me know if you get any updates in regards to your passport pickup.




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Hi Mohan,


Even mine is exactly same situation, I would say it is 100% replica.


only diff is my interview slot is at 10 AM on Apr 24...same questions and same issue PIMS update.


VO said its matter of couple of hours  update the PIMS and I will get the passport 1-2 days..but nothing moved as of today same Ready status from the day 1.


I sent couple of emails to the consulate, but these no exact response related to our issue..not sure what to do further.




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