h1 b successful stamping in Ottawa,Canada


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Hi All


Now its time to pay back so sharing my experience of h1 b stamping at Ottawa, Canada.


Background: MS- Mechanica (USA)l, BE-Mechanical (INDIA).

I flew to Ottawa, Canada one day before my interview. Interview date was 28 April,Monday. Booked motel at 475 rideau st,Ottawa,Canada. Its Econo lodge,cheapest in the area and 15 min walking distance from Embassy,also near to malls,shopping centre and food restaurants. They charged me 89$ for one day stay,which is very expensive as compared to USA rates but that was the only cheapest motel i could found near to embassy.

Interview Date and Time: Monday, 04/28/2014, 9.30 am


I walked to Embassy 1/2 hr before with a bacg pack full of my documents file,but they refused to enter me in with bag pack so i have to return to motel and have to carry with file of documents only. At the entrance security checked me and send me to next level of security. Its like airport security,they basically scans your belongings and make sure that does not carry cell phone with you.


Next level you will meet a lady (she seems to be happiest woman on earth because all the time she was singing as well asking for documents. and opposite was my situation :)


She hand over a file with my ds-160 confirmation print out,my passport and she asked for passport size photos. You have to carry two photos as per requirements,otherwise she will ask you to go near by photo center and submit to her,as unnecessary this will delay your interview timing. You cant expect your interview will be exactly at 9.30 am if your scheduled time is 9.30,because it takes 11.10 am for my interview turn to come up. By that time i was started getting nervous.


After that i was asked to go directly to window 7 where they will put your passport,your I-797 and appointment confirmation page in yellow file and give you a token number which is used to call you at the time of interview. Also your finger prints is done at window 7.


Now you have to wait until your name is announced by visa officer. VO will announce your token number and window you have to attend interview. If you are lucky your turn will come earlier or you have to wait and by that time you will get a chance to listen another interviews going on and which VO is asking too many questions or which one is very cool and issue  visa. There are total 4 windows at Ottawa consulate. Out of which i observed officers at first two windows are very friendly in nature and last two were king of serious questioner. Again i dont think same officers work at same windows every day. I was thinking my turn should come at window 2 because he was very friendly to everyone and he did not rejected any visa. At around 11.30 AM, I got my token announced from Window# 2, I was like "Thank you

God :) for Window# 2" ,but by that time i have listen lot of interviews going around and had set up my mind how to deal with each officer as per questions he was asking. So that was the advantage of waiting for interview turn to come up. One funny interview happened at window 4,which was more like job interview and not like visa interview. The visa officer seems to be really interesting listening to that guy explaining the job responsibilities and everyone in the room was listening to him,because his voice was very clear and loud,so i felt it was like a job interview. VO was really impressed with him and he issued visa.


So my turn came up and i walked to window 2 and here we go. The questions and answers were as follows

Me: Good Morning Sir 

VO: Good morning .

Me: How are you? 
VO: Good...(smiling) 

VO: when u graduated?
Me: I graduated in xxxx. 

VO: So since then you work with the same employer
Me: Yes sir.

VO: Whats your major in MS.
Me:MS in mechanical Engineering. 

VO: So you have any prior experience in the same field.
Me: Yes sir i worked in India in same technology.

VO: So, whats your job responsibilities?  (here funny thing happened)
Me: I am working as xxxx and i deal with the application developments from windows 7 to windows xp. He then smiled at me and asked are you sure windows 7 to windows xp?


Me: Sorry sir its like windows xp to 7. He smiled.

Then i explained job responsibilities in detail. 


At this point of time he seems to be satisfied with my answers because after this question there was deadly silence and he was looking at the screen and typing something. In mind i was thinking is he preparing for next tough questions? And he started to write something on one form,I thought is this a white slip or something? :). So proving wrong to my guesses he said i am issuing you a visa, track your application at xxx website and you will expect visa delivery in 2-3 days.


ME: OK sir. Thanks. Have a good day.


And thats it. And yes dont forget anything else behind like your jacket etc. Because i saw people are so happy after getting visa that generally they forget belonging behind.:) 


I would say the actual interview was very easy as compared to immigration interview at port of entry of Canada. The guy asked so many questions to me. He was confused and he made me confused. The officer at port of entry asked me if i have return plan/ticket to show that i will stay for particular time in Canada and will go back to my country or back to USA.


I said i did not have such arrangements because at the time of interview it was said that i should not make such prior arrangements as passport delivery may takes time. And he asked me where i will stay in canada. I said in motel and friend house and he asked me for printouts. And i cant provide him. So he seems to be dissatisfied with me and he attached a slip with passport saying that i can stay upto one week.


Wei red. 
That officer was unusual. 


So dont worry about actual visa interview. Confidence is the key of successful visa interview.


Now waiting for the passport to be delivered at Loomi's Branch. Hope it will go smooth.


All the Best. Cheers!!!


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Hi i received my passport in 2 days. Generally we get updates about it from Loom's for passport pick up. And one more important thing i forgot to mention just check the PIMS number if its having check mark at the time of interview. Probably you will be given a white form in which you can check if PIMS updated check mark is yes or no and if its yes, passport will be stamped in 2 days otherwise more time. good luck...

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