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Hi I am on H1b and last day of work is May 15 as company is going out of business.


Spouse is on H4 and has filed H1b for year 2015 (Got receipt number).


I can add my name under spouse's H1b which is pending then find a job and apply again H1b?



You need to file I-539 for COS from H1B to H4. Later an employer can file a COS petition from H4 to H1B.

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Husband: H1b valid Dec 2014 but company is going out of business so last day of work May 15.

Wife: H4 valid Dec 2014. Has filed H1b on April 1, 2014 and got Receipt Number I-797C on April 18.


Husband can file I-539 for COS from H1b to H4, as wife's H1b application is pending, H4 to H1b 2015?


Actually I need little bit time to find a job. Please suggest me any option.



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