Possibility for applying new PERM application, as current PERM got an audit


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My Employer has applied for PERM in Aug 2013. Last month, I got an audit.
As per the Audit, The DOL was asking that we provide the copies of recruitments performed, copies of resumes received for the offered position, and  signed declarations stating that i did not pay any money to my employer for PERM.

As of know, DOL is processing Audit Applications whose priority date are of Jan 2014. So i guess, my application could possibly be reviewed in December 2014.

As My 6 years of H1 period will be completed in 1.5 years from now, I have the following questions?
1. Is it Random Audit or Specific Audit?
2. Given the current PERM is in audit, Does it hurt if employer applies for a new PERM application with new priority date?
3. Will the new PERM Application have any impact of previous PERM Audit?

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