Received NOIR on APR 2014 for my previous approved H1 ( oct 2010 to - sep 2013) petition .Right now i am using EAD/AP


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In sep  2010 applied for h1-b 7th years extension,vendor location as client location but working in client location as no client letter from client . h1 approved on mar 15 2011. USCIS officer visited at vendor location on MAY 20 2011 for verification and i was not there. received NOIR on APR 2014 for previous h1 2010 - 2013.
1- does it effect my GC process, as my PD date EB2 APR 2009 ? from oct 2013 i am using ead/AP with same employer and no h1 applied.
2- if my previous h1 revoked ? will i be in out of status ?
3- how to proceed if revoked , do i need to apply for new h1 or can work on EAD/AP
4 - After h1b - expired , why uscis officer sent NOIR for expired h1-b ? after 3 years instead of sending NOIR before h1-b expiring or after site visited .

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You were knowingly working in violation of the regulations of the program by having inaccurate information on your petition.


You should consult an attorney on your own since your employer is a problem. You also need to find an ethical employer who does not misrepresent to the USCIS.

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