Getting and validity of Greencard when moved to India

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I stayed and worked in US for 11 years and following is my greencard situation.
  1. Priority date for my green card application is Nov 2002 and filed in EB3 category
  2. Left the job in US and moved to India in Mar 2012 and still not returned back to US.
  3. Got green card on Mar 2013 and it will be expired in Mar 2023
Now I have following questions.
  1. Since I was neither working in US nor residing there at the time greencars issuance, is my greencard valid or it generated by error in system?
  2. Can I enter in US now on employment (same employer who filed my greencard) using above greencard even after  one year stay in India after getting green card?


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Oops..I'm not sure why my post appeared thrice!


But, my bad..I overlooked the year part (saw it as March 2014)..the other 2 posters are correct...Unfortunately your GC is no more valid. Its a sad state of affairs that after waiting for 10 + yrs and because of Ignorance or any unknown reason you cannot use the GC.


Contact an Immigration Attorney though to find out if there are any options.

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Congrats on getting your GC!! You should come here immediately..I believe you have 6 month period to enter US once you get GC.

You may join the same employer or work anywhere else..but don't miss this God given opportunity with a GC in hand :)

Since the OP has been abroad for more than a year after getting the GC, the GC is invalid for entry in the US, i.e., it is abandoned.

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You made your choice - family or LPR. Family is far more important!


True...but OP could have visited the US for a week or so and also get a Re-entry permit in order to maintain his GC...although I wouldnt advice anyone else this method to maintain GC..but in OP's case since his family had issues..that was the only way.


Anways, OP please let us know what your Attorney has to say.

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