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Hello All,


1) My company applied PERM for me in EB2 and it went into audit last year.. I haven't heard anything yet from DOL. If PERM gets denied, Can my company apply 2nd PERM for me in EB2 for the same position again ? 


2)  While applying for 2nd PERM, company has to go through all the procedures (paper ads..etc) again or directly they can file the 2nd PERM based on paper ads given for 1st PERM ?


3) Would it be more easy to get PERM approved when applied in EB3 than in EB2 ? ( Just to be on the safe side for 2nd PERM, I am thinking of applying 2nd PERM in EB3, even though I qualify for EB2 & job also requires EB2). 



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1) What is reason for audit ? Random audit or Supervised Recruitment ? It could be something else too.

2) Yes exact same procedure and process for every PERM application

3) Depends on the reason for 1st point, but your position and educational qualifications will have to match EB preference.'else it will be audited again.

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