B2 visa rejection, help needed


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Hi All,


I am on H4. My parents appeared for b1/b2 tourist visa interview in Jan this year. Unfortunately, their visa got rejected. Just to let you know they appeared for interview in their NATIVE language.


INTERVIEW process-

The VO asked them 3-4 questions about my husband (his company name, position, place of residence etc). They provided correct information to all the questions.

The VO took their passports and went in the back office for a minute and then came back and asked my parents to go to other window where a lady would help them. The lady asked my parents if they changed their address recently. My parents said no and mentioned that they are living at same place from last 10 years. But they did not realize that they need to show the affidavit for address proof that they got notarized, as mom's address is written differently on passport and does not match completely with the address on dad's passport. The lady then asked about siblings from each of my parents and their names. She then asked them to leave and said that information will be updated online (which means their visa was rejected).



1) Seeing the scenario and questions that they asked, could the difference in address on both parents passport (they got their new passports last year) be a reason for rejection?


2) Its been almost 3 months since their last rejection, can I schedule their second visa interview? ( as my graduation is in june) Will it be safe?


3) It appears that VO once decided to give them visa, went to the back office after asking questions some questions and then came back (Not sure though) Any comments on this??.


I would really appreciate your guidance.


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Are their passports 100% correct? If not, they should have done that immediately as there is not likely enough time for new passports and visa interview before June.


They can certainly apply again. Note however, that a 6 month visit for graduation is ridiculous for a working person.

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The reason to apply early - I graduated in december and got invitation letter from school at that time. So just scheduled their interview well before time. They did not have plans to come early though. But yes it was mentioned in their DS 160 that they plan to visit in May last week and will stay for around 20-25 days.


So could applying early be a reason for denial too?


The passport is not corrected yet. Its actually only my mom's passport.

So if I put the exact address, written on my dad's passport, in the DS160 form and get an affidavit for my mom stating the correct address and attach the address proof along (Voter card or adhaar card that contains the exact address) .. Will it be fine? or does she need to get the address corrected on passport?

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You said you graduated in Dec but they are coming for graduation in June.  What have you been doing since Dec? I can certainly see why they could be denied this time as well.


Graduations is really not that big of a deal.  Many graduates are unable to attend their own due to work obligations - and they were going through ceremonies immediately after completing work and not months later.

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Thanks @t75.


This is because the graduation ceremony is once a year in june. I completed studies in december that is why scheduled their appointment earlier in Jan. I am on h4 and I cannot work. So I am just attending hobby classes.

But do you think the address on passport could be a big issue? And if I get the affidavit for the exact address on mom's passport, will that suffice or does she need to correct address on passport?


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