Switching from H1-B to O-1, Travel


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I am currently working in the USA. I was on a H1-B visa till February 2014, and my employer filed for a O-1 petition on my behalf. It was approved and current O-1 status is valid till February 2017. I have not traveled out of country during this period.


I am planning to travel to my home country (India) in the coming few days, and it appears that I have to appear at the consulate for the visa interview before getting the visa stamp since I am switching visa categories.


Will there be too much questioning or screening given the visa category is being changed? Has anyone undergone a situation like this before? Is there anything in particular that I should watch out for? Any of your input will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Your employer and his attorney should provide you with appropriate documentation.


If you are afraid that your qualifications have been overstated and you are not qualified for O-1 visa, don't leave the country so you do not have to have your credentials reviewed. If you are qualified, don't worry.

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