2nd Green Card Sponsorship?


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Hello All,


I am towards the end of my 5th yr H1B. My 6th year will start in 2 months.

I am a full time employee with a Fortune 500 and my employer just filed my PERM. 


As a backup option, I was looking for a consulting company who can do a GC for me , in parallel.

I found a company who mentioned

1) They have current recruitment campaigns that are going on and can fit me in one of the positions.

2) After PERM approval and before applying to 140, they mentioned that I will have to change employers and join them and be on their payroll.


I am pursuing this backup option , so that if anything goes wrong with the current F500 company, I can transfer H1B to the consulting company and also my GC will be running with them.


What do you think guys?

1) Is it good to pursue this option 

2) Are their terms and conditions , reasonable?



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