What kind of visa should be?


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I was in H1B visa. I just got my green card recently. My wife is a Canada citizen. She is currently living in Canada. I plan to let  my wife come to US and apply for green card as dependent.


Before I got my green card, my wife drove to US with H4 status and got her H4 I-94 card on US-Canada border. Now my immigration status is changed to green card holder. Now I should not be in H1-B status. My green card status should have been overrided my H1B.


My question is:  which visa status should my wife apply for when she drive to US from Canada?  In which status, my wife can live in US and apply for I-485 for AOS?


Thank you very much!!!





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Thank you very much Belle!


When I filed 485, she was working in Canada. My 485 was approved very quickly. 


If my wife come to US with visa waiver, can she apply for 485/AOS inside US?


Thank you again!

A visa waiver doesn't allow AOS.

Follow-to-join is the way to go, as Belle said.

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Thank you so much for your information Belle, JoeF, t75!!!


Based on your information, when using Follow-to-join, my wife must be outside the US when I submit green card application for her, is that correct? When can my wife enter to US after the application is submitted?


Thank you so much again, your advice is highly appreciated !!!

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