Passport/Visa expiring in less than 6 months during POE


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Hi All,

         I am reaching out to you, for suggestions to a tricky situation. I am citizen of India and my Indian passport is expiring on Aug 2014. I already have my H1B visa stamped from employer A (for whom i no longer work) and is also expiring on Aug 2014. I currently work for Employer B with I797 issued till Aug, 2016, which is not yet stamped by consulate. 


I will be visiting to India in June and plan to return to states by last week of June. I have following questions:


1. Will there be any issues at POE with my passport, as it is expiring in less than 6 months ? 


2. Will the H1B Visa from employer-A be sufficient to return to country since it is already stamped and valid till Aug,  2014. Or do i need to get Employer-B H1B visa stamped in India(In which case, I need to renew my passport as well !)


3. Any unforeseen issues that I might have missed, like validity on I94  ? 



Thanks in advance.

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You need to renew the passport in any case, because you would get an I-94 only up to the expiration date of the passport.

Thanks JoeF. You certainly have a point. But what about visa renewal? If i get a new passport  do i need to get visa stamp for Employer-B ? Or will I be able to return with employer-A sponsored visa(which is already stamped with 1 month validity remaining but on old passport).

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