H4 to F1 - Any age limit?


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Currently I am on H4 visa, doing my under graduate in Engineering in US from state university.


I will be turning 21 in coming September (Sept, 2014)


Please confirm if I have to change my Visa status from H4 to F1 once I turn '21'?


What is the procedure? And will that impact my college tuition fee, as currently on H4 I am paying In-State fees as I have done my Middle and High School in US.


Any pointers and confirmation will be highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance





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  • 3 months later...

Thank you for your quick response.

My daughter will be aged-out in Jun 2015, by that she will be in her BS final year, she may need another semester to complete her BS, so expecting she will finish BS by end of Dec 2015.

So when should we start the process, how long will it take to get F1? and how long that F1 will be valid?

Can we use that F1 for MS also or we need to get separate I -20 ?

Can she get OPT after her BS or she has to apply for H1B?

Sorry many questions...any help is really appreciated.



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