approved i-140, and h1 extension while switching employers?

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I got my I-140 approved in 2011 with a PD in 2011, but subsequently moved out of the country to Canada where I plan to stay for a while. I am still with the Employer that filed the I-140 but considering leaving soon. 

I know my employer won't revoke the I-140 (it is a large company and the lawyers have said they never withdraw petitions) What I want to know is two things: 

If I ever rejoin this employer, can I reuse the PERM and approved I-140 from before? Or do they get cancelled ? I do understand that joining another employer means redoing everything but but what about rejoining the original employer? 

using I-140 to file H1 with different employer
I had an H1B with my employer that I didn't extend beyond 6 years (because I moved to canada). Do I need a new H1b or will I be able to use the approved I-140 to extend the old H1B (instead of filing a new one) if I take a job with some other company? This will enable me to get around the H1 cap.  

Basically, I am trying to figure out what the approved I-140 with Employer A (wrt to GC and H1) gives me when I switch employers. I plan to ask a lawyer if noone knows but I appreciate any thoughts here.

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