Successful Visa Stamping Vancouver - April 11


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Hi Everyone,


Its time to pay back to the forum. This forum helped me alot in terms of stamping details.


Interview Date - April 11

Place - Vancouver

Time - 9:30 AM

Model - E-C Model


VO -  Can I have your Paystubs, Employee Letter, State ID , LCA

ME - Submitted


VO - Where do you work?

ME - Told


VO - Do you have End Client?

Me - Yes


VO -  Did you done your Masters?

ME - Yes


VO - Specialization ?




VO - Have you joined F - 1 couple of times?


ME  - (I joined F - 1 last year due to status issues and discontinued again after I got H-1 petition in Oct, I though not to make him go through my previous background relating to F-1 joining again I told No , he was suprised when I said No. Later on I realised that I shouldnt  make the VO confused and frankly said yes I joined F-1 again , but currently was on hold now as I was busy with work schedules)


VO - Asked me the School Name?

Me - Answered


He wrote down the school name in his application and finally said your Visa approved.



All in all as everyone said simple and straight answers are more important to  speak up rather than making the VO confused(thats what I realised when I answered for the last que) . Wishing best of luck to the all the aspirants.


Thank You





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Dear please post few more details for following situation


I also joined F-1 due to status issue in Aug 2013 


I Got offer now Apr 10,2014 .they are filing change of status in premium processing immediate


I want to request  USCIS to approve change of status( I-797A )with my current I-94 to start job without hassels to go outside US for getting New I-94 
Can you tell me detail for this ?
Also I got new extended  I-20  today which shows my valid student status till Sep2014.


Please guide me more detail about how to get stamping from canda, I-94 issue to resolve





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Hi Deep,

 I need to go for visa apt at Vancouver and am reading that passport will  be mailed later. How log did it take for you ? How many days do we need to plan to stay ?

Hi Raghuram..VO guys say that the passport will be mailed vth in 3-5 business days.


But in general it will take max of 2 days


As my visa is on Fri....


Sat and Sun(Not working days)


I got my passport on Tuesday.


So if you have your visa in weekdays juz make sure to add extra 2 days apart from Visa interview date.


Point to be noted that sometimes the prims(passport satus) will not update very soon in online , so you can make sure to go to the passport mailing center on 2nd day(Day after tomorrow of Visa inteview date) where it usually will be available for pickup.  Let me know if you stil have any questions?

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