GC Labor question??


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Hello Experts,


My GC Labor application was filed on Nov 2012, it went into Audit in 2013 and currently it is "In Progress" status, this information is based on my Employer who have provider me.


Most of my colleagues are saying that DOL has done with all the 2012 Labor application currently they are dealing with 2013 applications, how can I verify those information online/websites? Is it true? Is my Employer lying?


Please help me out.


Thanks in advance.


Note:- Currently I'm on 4th year of my H1b visa.




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 Hi gk03  


I am in the same boat as you are but my employer did apply last year 2013 August and I got an Audit this year recently . 


When I checked the Visa square sites , its been already updated that 5 perms have been denied and I am not sure as my employer is not admitting the truth . 


I don't think so there is a way we can find our labor status , I think may be possibility if they have applied for I-140 not at labor stage for sure .  You got trust him blindly . 


I was planning to move to an FTE  role but no luck for me and I have my extension as well ... so fingers crossed for now . 


I would be thinking of extension as priority for now and just let go of things ... 


Good Luck , I know it didn't answer your question but  just wanted to let u know that its same for all of us .. 

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