Eligible to do MS in CS with MCA (Masters in Computer Applications) degree from India ?


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Taking "articulation" courses shows you are deficient in knowledge deemed to be essential for success in the program. It is not a "waste" of your time. What may be required varies from program to program.  If the program requires that you take the courses, you will be required to do so or be dismissed.


A degree in CS does not necessarily require a degree in engineering; these are very different disciplines. It is more likely to require an undergraduate degree in computer science.  

Since you seem to have such disregard for the US educational system which is designed to position a student for success, you may need to look at programs in other countries which are less demanding - like those where you reside now.


If you are just now applying for a masters program, you are really late. Admissions for quality programs closed months ago. You should prepare for fall of 2015.

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