H1B visa stamping after selected on lottery


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Hi friends,


My H4 visa (stamp on the passport) expired on Mar 2014. I am currently in USA, and I have a valid H4 petition approved valid until Jan 2017


On April 1st 2014, I applied for H1b visa but I don't know wether I got picked in the lottery or not. Assuming If I get H1 visa approved then:



1) Does my status changes immediately from H4 to H1 or only after Oct 1st 2014?


2) I know I can't start job until Oct 1st 2014. So If I go to India (on H4) during summers, and come back before Oct then do I have to go for H4 or H1 visa stamping?


3)Do I have an option to enter on H4? and If I leave USA (after Oct 1st 2014), then go for H1B visa stamping?


thanks much in advance





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