Labor application - questions about previous jobs, please help!!


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I got laid off from a company A and I joined another company B immediately and started working based on receipt notice and the h1 with company B got denied eventually.  My question is my current employer, Company C who did my new H1 wants to file PERM labor for me and wants to know if I need to mention the job with Company B I held during the transfer period for few weeks in the past job experience in perm application or not mention it as h1 got denied ? Please let me know.

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If company C is asking you and not using an attorney, run the other way. Attorneys are the cost of doing business. Only a very large company with trained paralegals supervised by an attorney with immigration experience are, IMO, the only companies who should be filing without the direct contact with an immigration specialist from a law firm with employment based expertise. They do their employees a disservice to do something as important to both their business and their employees' futures as complex legal filings without the assistance of an experienced legal firm.

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