221g in Toronto April'14


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I had received 221g at Toronto US Consulate on 9th April'14. They have not requested any documents in the green slip but only states 'Please  wait for our email'. I havent receievd any email so far from the consulate. Is anybody having similar issue?

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VO only asked:

  1. Who is my employer
  2. Who is client
  3. What does my employer do
  4. What level of education and which university

Gave me a green slip and said there would not be any issues but we need to do more processing. Will hear back from us in 1-2 weeks.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi Suchitra,


Below is my update so far.


Interview – 9th April 2014

First acknowledgement email sent – 14th April 2014

First Update from Consulate (via Call) – 23rd April 2014

Status Updated – 24th April 2014

Second acknowledgement email sent – 28th April 2014

Third acknowledgement email sent – 6th May 2014

Clearance email received – 7th May 2014

Submitted passport, 221G form and copy of clearance email – 8th May 2014


I am wondering why they did not ask for passport picture. Do you know if the picture on DS160 would just suffice?

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