Successfull H1B stamping @ Vancouver----14 April,2014


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Hi Friends,


I am sharing my H1B Visa interview experience.


Lady VO ,counter.No 04.


Me:GM officer


VO: Are you on H1B


VO :Please give me your LCA,Pay stubs,Employer letter,Client letter

Me:I provided requested docs

VO: May i know who is u r employer and client

Me: XX is my EMP and YY is My Client

VO: How long you are working with client and how long with employer

Me:X years and Y years

VO: what is u r salary

ME :Mentioned as per LCA

VO :what is u r higher education


VO: From where and which specialization

Me:ZZ university ,Mechanical Engineering

VO: I am Approving your VISA please collect u r PP after 3-5 business days

Me: Thanks officer for issuing my Visa


5 people attended Visa on 14,April along with me and one of my friend attended on 15 April.

All of them got approvals .Most of them got similar questions in different order.



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