visa stamping april 14 vancouver


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hi all,


i had visa stamping today at vancouver and i was given the 221g white document asking for


employer letter ,resume and publications in masters(i do not have any) .





who is your employer ?


is this your first H1b?


what is your major and any relation to what you work ?


i have justified saying i did xxxxx course in masters(life sciences) and the job(programming) is related to the course .


what is your annual salary?


what is your project in masters?



Looks like they are checking on what we have studied and what are we working .guys please be prepared for this.


Also, based on the your experiences or your friends how long does it take to finish the administrative processing ? please advise..thanks




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thanks for update, I am waiting for any news from them. my status is showing admin processing , I think because of date discrepancy in i797. not sure if they can get back before tomorrow otherwise we will hit with 4 day weekend..


in Vancouver not much to do either specially with family..

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