0-1 Visa Stamp Interview


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My girlfriend recently went to Korea and went to the U.S embassy for an interview. 


I had aided her in preparation for the interview in order to assure that she would be approved.


After her interview she calls me describing the process she had gone through at the embassy.


First off she was called up to the booth and the first set of questions were about her education, including her transcript and if she had studied in the U.S.


After that only one more question was asked which had to do with her current salary at the company in which she's employed in the U.S.


Then the woman interviewing my girlfriend said that the visa is only for the famous and asked how it's possible for her to be famous if she had just recently graduated (summer of 2011). < I do not see how that can be relevant.>


After this my girlfriend tried showing her file filled with the proof of her work and the only response she got was "If you want to leave that you can leave it". 


So my girlfriend stated she could show her anything she needed to see and everything is in the packet which she had already handed in, but instead was handed a green paper (221g) with only the box which says "Additional processing is required" checked.


Finally my girlfriend was told that her information would be looked over with a colleague.



Overall this doesn't sound like much of an interview to me. My girlfriend didn't even get to say anything about why she needed/wanted the visa or what she planned to do with it, not even why she might deserve it. The "interview" lasted less than 5 minutes


I'm just hoping the green paper was handed out of laziness since the worker didn't even bother to look at my girlfriend's packet and the everything will run smoothly.

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