H4 -H1 COS issue


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I was on H4 status. My H1B got filed in April’13 and it got approved in May’2013. I started working from Oct’13. I was not aware that I should inform my husband’s employer about this and asked them not to apply my h4 extension along with my husband’s h1 extension. My Employer also didn’t tell me about change of status. I got H4 extension approved in Feb’14 along with my husband’s h1 extension approval through my husband’s Employer. None of visas( Neither H1B nor H4 extension) are stamped yet.

Can you please let me know currently I am on which visa & also what to do to be on H1 status. Currently I am in US.

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Currently you are on H4 status. I assume that when your H1 was filled it was filed with COS. 

But as ur husband 's employer applied his H1 extension along with your H4 extension. so It again changes your status to H4.

But this time you are out of Cap so you have one option to again apply for H1 with COS.

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