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Hi ,

My employer filed my H-1B Extension in April, 2013. And, I got approval for 3 years. I went to Visa Stamping in May 2013. And, my visa got approved and it's valid until 2016.


I moved to different client in August 2013. And USCIS Officer visited my Old Client Site and he sent an email to my employer. My employer responded to his e-mail and provided necessary documentation like Payslips, Certified LCA , Current Client Details etc.


In January, 2014,  I moved to new client and we filed Amendment on January 27th, 2014. And it's approved on March 19th and we got I-94 also.


But, on March 10th, USCIS sent a Notice Of Intent To Revoke for my OLD H-1B. And, my employer responded with necessary documentation. 


My questions on this case:


1. Will they approve this type of cases?


2. Some times they approve the petition but they don't give the I-94. But, I have a Valid Visa until 2016. Do, I need to attend the visa stamping again or can I cross the border and come back with H-1B approval and previously approved Visa?


3. How many days the USCIS will take to give the Final Decision on my case?


Please let me know if you guys need any other information.




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