H1b visa approved at Calgary


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I had an 8am appointment on Monday, 14th April.

Reached the consulate by 7am, waited in the line for 30min and they let us in at 7.30am. I was out by 8.05am.


My case: Came to the US on F1...got H1 approved but it was rejected in india when I went for stamping....came back to the US on h4 and then changed to H1b again......


VO had all this info in the system......She did not ask me any questions specifically but she was kinda talkin to herself like this "so u were on h1b before but it was refused then you went on to H4 and now again on H1b....interesting!!" I was working with same client when my h1b was refused but there is a change in employer. She did ask me if I'm with the same client then and now...I said Yes.


Other Questions asked were


1. How long with this employer?

2. Do you work at client location?

3. Who is your client?

4. What do they do?

5. What are your responsibilities?

6. Who runs your payroll?

7. Do they pay you on time? Are you happy with the pay?

8. Highest Degree? From where?


I'll update once I get my passport.


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@vamsi2319 yes, Loomis gets passports for that day only at 6pm. 


@VisainVan I'm not sure but in my case Loomis did not have my passport when my status was admin processing. My status changed to issued between 9am and 10 am on second day after my interview and Loomis got my passport only at 6pm that day.


And another thing I heard is, if your status changes to issued before noon, Loomis will definitely have ur passport by 6pm that day. In case ur status changes to issued after noon, there is a chance Loomis might not have it at 6pm that day. This is what I heard I'm not 100% sure though.

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@DHVISA i'm staying as a paying guest with an Indian family here in Calgary.

Hi Artak,

              I am planning for my stamping in same location Calgary, as you mentioned could you please provide the paying guest details like how close to the consulate? how we can pay? and how much? etc....


Any suggestions & inputs are appreciated.




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