H1B transfer to another company as current H1B is in progress


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I have some urgent concern would appreciate if you could take your time to answer.

I was working with company A in US on H1B. But i have moved to company B, where Company A is the subsidiary of Company B. They are maintaining companies status separately in USCIS, So that they have initiated my COE to Company B and it was approved. Now I got a new job offer from company C which I accepted and they are about to file my H1b transfer in premium process. But i have not started working on my Company's B H1B yet, my payroll and other stuffs are pointed towards my Company A H1B visa. I am holding a valid I-94 till september.

1.) Could you clarify whether Company can process my transfer?

2.) Any status of my Company B petition has to be mentioned during H1B transfer filing by the Company C?

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