change of job with a different job title - i 140 approved


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Please help on this urgent matter.


i am on H1B,  approved till Jan 2015 but i-94 & passport expires in aug 2014. i just received my new passport. I - 140 approved with current employer on EB2 category.


Current situation - My current employer A is going thru some financial issues but ready to do my H1B extension. Have a good offer from company B with a manager role.


1. Can i change job when i 140 is approved with employer A on different job title (Similar but not management resp)?

2. Is it ok to change the job since the extension need to be filed before aug 2014?

3. I understand new employer (B) will have to initiat the GE process from scratch but what is there any risk i need to be aware?


Please help since i need to take a decision as soon as possible

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