Change Of Status Question!!

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Please help me answer this question:


1. My current H1 visa expires on 05/09 (Max out date) and I'm on seventh year of H1

3. My PERM got approved on Monday (4/7)

4. My I140 is expected to be filed before 4/18 in premium processing.

5. I will be travelling to India and will get my H4 visa stamped there

6. Once I get my I140 approved around May 1st week, I will resign my current employer and  will come back to US using H4 visa stamped


My Question:


1. Can I join ANY employer by doing a Change of Status (H4 to H1) once in US?

2. Can I take any amount of time to find a job and do COS once I find a job?


Thanks in Advance,



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