Got stamping in Jamaica on April 1, 7:30 AM


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If it helps, here r d questions I was asked :

1. Most recent w-2
2. Is your previous visa in this passport?
3. Did u graduate from the same univ (as on visa)
4. When did u graduate
5. How long have u been working with ur employer?
6. So u worked with him on OPT as well
7. Who is your client

Your visa is approved. You can pick up your passport on thurs at 2 pm. Your PIMS verification has an issue. This should not delay your passport pickup. But if it does, we will send u an email.


He took my W-2, but did not even look at it.


Just FYI, if he asks when r u planning to leave for US, if you say asap or as soon as i get my passport, you might get it the next day instead of waiting for 2 days for it.


Everyone who came in the same week from monday to thursday got visa (only 1 person got 221g for PIMS verification, administrative processing. Glad I did not get that).



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