Parents visit while extension is filed.


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Hello All,


My L1-A visa and I-94 are valid till 29-SEP-2014. My company will file extension request before that.


Given that case, can I invite my parents to US during June-July?


At that point of time my extension would most likely have been filed but I may not get the decision yet.


Now, will it impact my parents getting visa in their interview at US consulate in India?


Please remember while my parents go to visa interview I am still in valid status(around June as mentioned above)


Please guide me with your inputs.




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Thanks for your response.


So, I can go forward with my plan in inviting them to US, is it?


Given the situation, on their entry in US my status will in any way impact their duration of stay here?


Please clarify.


Thanks again,


Yes, they can plan their visit. Duration of stay is determine by immigration officer at POE.

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