April 3rd - Jamaica Visa Interview (Successful)


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Hi All,


Firstly, I want to thank all the guys who have posted their experiences which helped me to prepare my documentation in a better way.


I carried all the documents (All means literally all including a small piece of paper which was related to education,project,employer,client..etc).


7 am interview slot. (I am not explaining the process again as a lot of guys have posted in detail already).


There were 35 people before me in the queue for different visa interviews including an indian H1 candidate at 7 AM.


It took 20-25 minutes to interview 35 people and as far as I remember from what I've seen is most of them were locals 34 people and most of them were not approved. Except one H1 candidate. I was sitting right behind the person and the interview went on for about a minute or two and I did not see the person open the folder .


My Interview:

Myself: Good Morning. How are you doing today.

VO: Good Thank you and how about you?

Me : I am doing good. Thank You!

VO: How long have you been in "JAMAICA"?

Me: Is that Jamaica you said? VO: Yes. I just came yesterday. Its been only a day.

VO: When are you leaving?

Me: I am leaving on Monday Early in the Morning.

VO: You have done your Masters in US right?. What did you study?

Me: Masters in Computer Science

VO: What is your role?


VO: When you return to US where will you work?

Me : XXXX one line answer.

VO: We usually take two days to have the passports ready, but I will try to get it tomorrow. If you don't then come back on monday.

Me: That will be great if I can get it tomorrow. I will surely check tomorrow if not ready I shall come back on monday.

VO: I see that your name is messed up on you old visa(F1).

Me: Yes sir. But I got it corrected. Then he left the counter with my passport and came back in less than a Minute. Then he looked at my Canada visa and said you got it right here. Me: Yes, that's correct.

VO: Alright! have a good day.

Me: Thank you and you have a good weekend.


Above conversation might look little lengthy, but in real time it was 1-2 mins only conversation and did not open the folder. 


Picked up passport the next day and returned to my place on Saturday.


I know 4-5 people who appeared for an interview the same day and all got approved. Few guys were supposed to get the passports on monday but they gave it shot on friday and they had their passports ready and picked up.


Food: I recommend Pushpa adjacent to the embassy. If you are used to hyderabadi spicy and tasty food then you will love the food.



POE: Miami

Immigration Officer:

What do you work as for your employer?


Your H1b Expires mm/dd/yyyy.

Me: Correct
How long you stayed in US?


Do you know that you can Apply for a green Card?

I said, that would be taken care by my Employer and the company's Attorney if they think it is appropriate.

Again officer said you should not let it go talk to them. (Now I had different thoughts running in my mind. Was he trying to trick me or Just being nice?).

He typed my 797 receipt number and started comparing few details and then again he asked what do you work as? Answered.

Officer: finger prints please

Officer: Have a good Weekend.

Me: Thank you and have a good weekend.


Then walked towards the Customs counter after collecting the baggage: I do not know if customs officer also asks question related to work. I travelled 3 times before and I was never asked any work related questions and I am under the impression that they just check the customs declaration form and put a stamp (I might be wrong). but it was something different


1. greetings exchanged

2. where are you going?

3. what does your employer do?

    I Explained briefly in couple of sentences, officer said tell me more. Then I started explaining him in detail and Officer said I don't know what that means (I used a lot of technical terms while talking about the projects we deal with).

4. do you have any plants food seeds etc... NO

5. Ok. Hope the weather gets better where you are going.

Me: We are all waiting for the weather to get better soon.

Thank you have a good weekend! 






All The Best!
















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