Urgent reply pls:Holding Visitor visa for Ottawa, attending H1 interview in Calgary next week


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Hi Folks,


Just want to check before I submit my DS-160 form. I have visitor visa for Ottawa but will appear for interview in Calgary next week. Please let me know if there are any issues. Thanks in advance

Their is no visiting visa for Ottawa. It's Canadian visiting visa, so you can visit ANY place in Canada.

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What do you mean by "I have visitor visa for Ottawa". Canada Visitors visa is issued to visit entire Canada, not to just visit one city. Probably you've might have been confused with the Issued at Ottawa on your Canada Visa. You are good to visit any part of Canada and Good Luck on your Visa.

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Great thanks to all folks for prompt response and enlightening. I was rushing to submit DS-160 last evening so had posted query in a frenzy way !!


Let me rephrase the question, I had first scheduled my interview in Ottawa by Dec '13 during which I applied for Canada visitor visa and mentioned Ottawa as place of visit.  I couldn't appear that time, now that I have re-scheduled to Calgary, so wanted to clarify once.




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