Successful Stamping in Calgary- Mar 27th


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Here is my timeline:

Mar 27th: Interview on Thursday @ Calgary consulate.

Mar 31st: CEAC status changed to "Issued" on Monday morning.

Mar 31st: Loomis received my passport Monday evening(around 5:20 PM)

Mar 31st: Email @ 8:20 PM saying "Loomis has your passport but its not ready for pickup"

Apr 1st: Collected my passport in the morning.


the DS-160 needs to be printed from the "Print confirmation" button.otherwise, the print shop in the consulate building charges a ridiculous amount to print one sheet of paper.


the VO was friendly as were the other staff members. I was only asked for the 797.


the Loomis email means your passport is ready even if it says otherwise.

you can call 1-855-256-6647 to confirm.


3-5 business days means really 3-5 business days(atleast in my case).


the consulate is on McCleod is located on the 10th floor of a nondescript building. you can easily walk past it.Make sure you remember the address :) it is right next to a Tim Hortons(Dunkin Donuts of Canada).


We stayed at a hotel a few blocks from the consulate; it was super convenient.


Transport & Attractions:

Small city but well connected by Calgary transit.

Sunridge mall and Chinook Centre were two malls we visited.

Calgary zoo is right where you get off the transit; extremely convenient.

Plenty of homeless folks but none too aggressive.



it was cold for March.~18 F.



Several good restaurants within a few blocks. Great brunch buffet at the Hyatt.


Happy stamping!

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We stayed at the Delta Bow valley. we got it for about $110 a night from Priceline.

As long as you stay close to the Calgary Transit line you should be ok.

a one way ticket is 2.75 and there is the option to get the daily pass. also riding the ctrain in the downtown area is free.

You might find a cheaper deal close to Brentwood/University which is in the Northwest Quadrant of the city.Plus the weather has warmed up now (50 F) as opposed to last week when it was freezing; so it might be easier to walk around.


Most areas seem fairly safe except for Anderson.


the interview was straight forward since I work for a large company directly and not through layers.


Here is my timeline to get the visitor visa:

here is my complete Timeline:
Online Application Submitted: Feb 19th
Receipt Received: Feb 20th
PP Requested: Mar 3rd (Morning)
PP Sent to LA:Mar 3th(Afternoon)  - by USPS priority mail
PP Reached LA:Mar 5th
Application Approved and Closed email: Mar 13th
USPS Tracking Activated: Mar 15th
Passport received:Mar 17th.

it took about a month to get the Canadian visa.

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