Successful H1B and H4 Stamping at Chennai


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I have been following H1B stamping experiences of other members in this forum, which has helped me immensely. So posting experience of my own for others. I am in EC model.


Had OFC Apppointment on April 3rd 2014 at 11 AM. It is an area called Teynampet on cenotaph road and good landmark is Apollo hospitals for autowallas if they do not know where it is. I had taken print out of location from google maps and showed the autowalla and it helped him a lot.Reached there 30 mins earlier and there was a big queue. Not sure what part of a given appointment time our fellow Indians do not understand. Have seen people with appointments at 12 to 2 PM there, causing big queues and huge wait times for every one. Believe me, its no fun standing in line behind those people, with Chennai sun beating down on you and being drenched in sweat completely.Please do yourself a favor, reach only 15 mins ahead of time. if some a** h**e  with later appointment is standing ahead of you, don't hesitate to ask him to step behind you.


Once the security guard lets you in, the process is very easy. They just need your DS 160, appointment confirmation letter, visa fee payment receipt and Passports. The fingerprinting facility is in 1st floor. Just follow others ,some posted directions  and you should be able to find center easily. The entire process should take like 15 mins once you enter the building.


Now the big day for me was on April 4th at 9 AM. I reached there 40 mins ahead of time and was shocked to find like 200 people standing in line to get into consulate. Again the issue here is some mindless folks don't seem to understand why they give you an appointment time. Again at 9 AM Chennai heat and humidity was unbearable.I can only imagine what it will be like in May and June. Don't hesitate to move ahead in queue by asking folks what their appointment times are.


Once inside the Consulate after security checks,  you are asked to stand in queue where they attach a token number on your passport. Then you are asked to watch for your token number on the screens. Go to the counter and stand in line to be interviewed by Visa officer.The following questions were asked by VO. VO was very friendly and interview was casual.


VO: Purpose of your travel

VO:Company you work for

VO: Which Client.

VO: Which city.

VO: Asked me about what you like about the city, and asked me if I had visited couple of places in that city.

Vo: Where did you Do your masters?

Vo: To my wife, are you working?

VO: Are you planning to go to School in MS?

VO: He said your husband can help you prepare for GRE, smiling.


Thats it, finally said Visa is approved and will receive passport in few days.



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