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I have a valid I797 and visa stamping till the Aug end 2014.

However, I already applied for my I797 extenison and got it approved for next 3 years.


Now, I am planning to travel to India this month(April). Since I already have new

I797 approved, can I go for renewal of H1B visa stamping in India?

Is it ok to go for H1B renewal stamping, before 5 months even though you have valid visa stamping ?

Appreciate your help and responses.



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I had same question last Oct, where I have a valid visa and I797 till Jan 6th 2014. I went to India and came back on Nov 27th ( I didn't apply for my extension). Officer in port of entry asked me weather I have an extension. I replied him that my employer will apply for it in December. he said ok and gave my I94 till 16th jan 2014.


And from my friend's experience exactly same as your he came back without going for stamping just before 15 days of his visa expiration. Got his I94 till his next extension's expiration date



Hope this will help you




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Thanks for the reply. But my situation is little different, I would like to goto visa stamping 4 months prior to my visa expires, since I already have an extended I797 for 3 years. In this way, in the future I will not have to goto stamping for next 3 years and will be easy to travel in and out of US.


So, can I goto visa staming with valid I797(expires Aug 2017) even though I currently have visa stamping till Aug 2014  ?



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