H1B 3 year extension apptoved, change job


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I am in the 7th year of my H1B. I got a 3 year extension an year ago after my I140 got approved and have exactly 2 years left (May 2016). My PERM was filed in EB3 eventhough I have a Masters as its a company policy. I am looking to move to a new company and transfer my H1B. The new company said they will file for GC in EB2 only after 18 months which leaves 6 months left on my H1B. Most likely my old firm will withdraw the I140. The new firm says 6 months is too less and they wont go ahead with the offer if the I140 is witddrawn by the old company. I really want this new position, could you let me know if there are any options that I can avail so that the new company can file my GC after 18 months. Also, when I transfer the H1B will it be extended for the time left (2 years in my case) or for 3 years.

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