What is waybill number(DHL courrier) and When are you expected to get the waybill number ?


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Can anyone explain what is waybill number (DHL Courrier) and when are you expected to get the waybill number?


Will you be getting the Waybill number prior or after the interview ? And how is this number communicated to you ?


If you can share some knowledge or throw some light on waybill number will be great? 


Thank you so much! Appreciate it! 


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Waybill number will generate only after your interview will be done if your visa is approved.


Waybill number is same like tracking number. It will only generate when consulate will send your passport with visa stamp to courier company and using that number you can track if your passport reached to specific Loomis location or not.

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Waybill number is generated by Loomis after it gets your passport. the number is then sent back to usvisa-info here:



after Loomis gets your passport, they will send you an email with the subject "LOOMIS has your passport but it's not ready to pickup".


our passport has been picked up from the Consular Section and within the next few days you will be able to pick it up at:

3000-15TH ST. N.E.


Your Waybill Number is ABCDEF00000

Please click the link below to track your passport until it is ready for pickup:

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