Please help- L1B blanket and EAD extension


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Hi Friends,


This is pretty urgent can you please help.


I have L1B BLANKET petition(no expiry) and My dates are below:


L1b visa and I129 expiration date : 20 Aug 2014


I94 expiration date: 2 Jan 2017


My wife's EAD expiration 20 Aug 2014


Please can someone tell me:


1) do I need to extend the stay or petition if I dont want to travel after 20 Aug 2014? The visa says PED as 20Aug 2014- I assume it means petition end date.


2)My wifes EAD was given on our first trip I94 which was only till Aug 2014. Now that we have I94 till Jan 2017(after 2nd trip) can My wifes EAD be extended until the new date without extending the status or applying for new petition? I heard cases where EAD extension was rejected since there was no proof of applyiing for extension of status.



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