H4 Visa Interview with new LCA


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Pretty soon, my wife is attending H4 visa interview in India and need your suggestion.


Here is my scenario:

  • My consulting company applied for my and my wife's H1 and H4 extensions when I was working for a client 'A' and they got approved.
  • After 4 months, now I started working for another client called 'B'. My consulting company applied LCA for this new client location and got approved. (Note: My consulting company applied for new LCA and got approved but, did not file for H1 amendment.)
  • Last week, my wife went to India and she has to attend H4 visa interview pretty soon. 

My only concern is, will she get her H4 visa with new LCA or do we really need to do H1 amendment to get her H4 visa?


Please suggest.   (Also, please share your experiences if any of you have come across this situation in the past.)




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