H1 Visa Stamping done in Kingston, Jamaica


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Hi All,

Wanted to share my good experience from Kingston, Jamaica. Booked a visa appointment on 24th March – Monday and then booked flight. 4 of us with appointments on the same day teamed up and booked a room in the Knutsford Court Hotel. It is pretty close to the consulate.


Jamaica Immigration:

C5 Card - Jamaican Arrival Departure Record Card given on the plane.

Arrival info – US to KIN flight details

Length of stay - 6 days (in visitor box)

Purpose of Visit - selected Vacation & Other (specify - US Visa)


Departure info - Return flight ticket (Refundable) – Return ticket is a MUST. Otherwise, they will make you buy one, maybe even to India.

Customs Declaration: Selected NO to everything (plants, food, - NO, pharmaceuticals, drugs - NO, arms & ammunition - NO)  


At the Jamaican immigration counter said - came here for US Visa appointment and also visiting Jamaica

Documents they will ask: Passport, C5 card, Return Flight Ticket

they may also ask for: Appointment confirmation letter, i797, US visa page on passport

After Immigration Check - Customs Check



Transportation: Reid Laramie – (876) 420 7102. Whats App is the best way to contact him.

Trip from or To Airport – One way 30 USD for upto 3 people. 10USD extra for 4th person.

Trip to and from consulate = 5 USD per person one way.


Visa Interview:

Do you have your W2s?


Do you have your visa in this passport?

No, (handed over the old passport)


Where do you work?



Who is your client?



What do you do for them?



What does your company do?

Sotware solutions and development services


Ok, what does that mean can you be more specific?

Explained a little more in detail.


Did you work for any other employer other than this?

Yes, that was a long time ago. I have been working for this employer for nearly 4 years and 3 months


Was your previous H1 with this same petitioner?



Did you study in US?



Where did you study?

XXX where I did my Master of Science in Computer Science


When are you going back?

I’m planning to go back on Thursday


OK, pickup your passport on Wednesday 2pm


My wife’s appointment on Friday.

Where is your employer located?



Where do you work?



What is your salary?



Did you study here?



Where did you study?

Bachelors from India


How long have you been with this employer?

1year +


Did you work in US before?



Did you receive the pamphlet about your employment right?



When are you leaving Jamaica?

Planning to leave on Tuesday


OK, pickup your passport on Monday 2pm



Food & Restaurants:


Pushpa: Good. Opposite to the consulate (inside a gully). Almost the same standard of Indian restaurants in US. Mixed non-veg platter and Mutton Kheema were awesome. Service is slow but food is good.


Tandoor: Average. Very close to the hotel. Egg Fried Rice was bad. Rest of them were ok like Shezwan fried rice, palak paneer, mushroom masala, Dal Palak, naan were all good. They deliver quickly.


Tamarind: Bad. Delivery was too late. Food was below average.


Hotel’s Restaurant, Melting Pot: Average. Jerked Chicken Festival and International Chicken Burger were good. Red Stripe is good and Bold also at the bar.


So – So: Good. This is one more local restaurant next to the Hotel. The name sounds doubtful but, the seafood and country roasted chicken were good over there. Again, service is slow but food is good.



Places we visited:

Lime Cay (drive and boat ride to the small island with soft sand beach)


Strawberry Hills – was about an hour long drive from Lime Cay and it’s up the hill. It has a good view from up there of the city. Entry fee 10USD and a special drink from them.  Didn’t think it was great.


Dunn’s River Falls, Ocho Rios – about 1 hour 50 mins driver from Hotel but it was worth it. Nice beach and people climb up the falls for a FULL blast experience of the falls. One of the only place that I have visited so far in life where the Rivers flows and meets the sea/ocean. Could taste the difference between river and sea water. 20 USD entry fee, and 75 USD per person for the round-trip.

We heard the bamboo river rafting was good in Ocho Rios but we couldn’t make it.





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Some more quick updates i forgot to mention.


Photo: Make sure it has white background and people with glasses should take a picture WITHOUT the glasses on. The US govt website says clear glasses are OK, but, they do NOT accept photos with glasses.






Knutsford Court Hotel: around $180 (incl tax) per night for a room with 2 double beds. (2 people can somehow manage in each double bed). Decent hotel, looks good from outside and in the lobby, safe. Rooms are normal. Breakfast is good. More than 2 people extra $10/night charge per person i think.


Altamont Court Hotel: around $180 (incl tax) per night. Heard this one is a little better, looks better and is posh. Rooms are better.

But breakfast isn't better. Safe and security is better.


MayFair: around $80 for Deluxe Rooms (incl tax) again 2 double beds. Cheaper but looks OKAY. Safe surrounded by residential area, no restaurants around in walk-able distance. Cheaper option but price has an affect on the style ofcourse.

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Guys beware this guy Reid Laramie is not an official tourism guy and doesnot have any membership. He charges way too much. We went with him and charged too much. He carries a weapon just so you know.

If you are in a group and he will only care if there are more people and he doesn't care too much if all ur friends left and only u are left out he will not even respond to your calls or text. Me and friend experiences lot of issues with this guy

I have friend from my company who went to Montego Bay and other areas for just $240 for two people that's in February. I have few other guys numbers who charge bit less and they are safe to travel with but again even they are not official tourism member but far better from Ried

Let me know if you need their number. Email me.

And please guys don't put phone number of people who are not officials.

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