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Hello ,


First of all I want to explain my situation. I am currently working for Emplyer A on L1 with I-91 till 2016 May. And I have approved H1B petition from Employer B which will vaild till 2016.


On Oct 2013 my status has changed to H1-B as my H1 was applied with COS from employer B and I don't want to join the employer B so I left county on Oct 12 and came back on L1. Now I am continuing with employer A with L1B status.


My L1B is expired now so my current employer A filed a H1B tranfer with premium (Amendment) to change my status to H1B. It was filed a week back and now the status it showing is RFE.


I want to know


1. What are the chances of getting my H1-B tranfer successfully after submitting required document?


2. My Attorney didn't received any communication from USCIS yet about RFE when can we get the commucation from USCIS about RFE?


3. How much time it will take after submitting required documents?


4. Incase if my H1-B tranfer is denied. Will that means my H1 is cancelled and it is not valid anymore or my H1B still valid with Employer B.


5. If my H1B is denied what staus I am in. Is that my current L1 status will be no more and do I need to leave India.


6. During this process can some X employer can do a transfer?


7. And I am planing to go to India once my H1B trasfer is done due to some personal issues. So will there be any problem in stamping.



Can someone please respond to my questions as I need these details ASAP.


Greatly appricated for the quick response.


Thanks in Adavnce.

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