visa approved today at vancouver - interview questions


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Hey my experience at vancouver as below:

My interview is at 10, but I went to consulate at 9 AM itself.Waited at starbucks nearby consulate for 45 min as waiting line is long to enter building itself. Be prepared for cold and rain.

Entered building at 10 exactly.

1.keep you passport, ds 160 and I797 ready to show them to enter building. screen and they will provide you a locker for cell phones, keys but with some identification (gave my student id) as drivers license is required inside.

3.2nd floor security check like in airport and also they are checking for sealed envelopes.

4.They will take your passport, ds160, i797, photo and give you token

5. Wait till your number is called for Finger prints in the same room

6. Same token number will be called to 20th floor where you will have interview.

7. Security guards will assist you to elevators. You are not allowed to operate or go to 20th floor by yourself even your token is called. Wait till they assist you. No restrooms in 20th floor.

8.wait till your token called to window again.

Interview as followed:

Vo: how are you?

Me: good! How are you doing today?

Vo: good thanks! Give me your driving license

Me: he did not wait till I give that and continued with questions

Vo: can you give me your LCA, employer letter, petition letter, I 129 client letter

Me: while taking them out he asked again while checking and typing somthing into his system

Vo: what is your highest degree?



Me: xx

Vo:what is your major?

Me:Electrical engineering

Vo:do you have client?

Me: yes

Vo: who?


Vo: where do u stay

Me: xxx

Vo:what do u do?

Me: explained my roles n responsibilities

Vo: what is up salary

Me:××K per annum

Vo:are there any problems with your employer?

Me: no , I am very happy with them

Vo: handed a guide to me and said to read them before going back to work in US.

Me: okay

Vo: u r visa is approved and track u r passport in this form (gave one form ).

Me: thank you!

Vo:good day

Me: you too

He kept passport, ds160 and I797 with him.

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