OPTRFE from USCIS for my H1b extension


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I am full time employee of 'A' and I am working with client E and in between 3 layers('B','C','D'). My employer 'A' has applied extension for me on November and I got an RFE by Feb from USCIS.My employer has submitted the 'D ' client letter to USCIS when he filled my extension. But the USCIS requested to submit the end client letter (E) but due to some confidential matter I can't get the letter from 'E'  My employer and Attorney are saying without end client letter (E) this is very difficult to get approve of my extension. Please suggest me what else I can submit it to the USCIS instead of end client letter (E).


Can I submit account direct letter from 'D' instead of end client letter from 'E' to USCIS for MY RFE.


Is it possible for me to apply H1 transfer with different employer which has direct client although, My employer 'A' did not send the extension RFE documents to USCIS. Will it affect my extension if I go for H1 transfer with different employer.


What is the possibilities of getting approval for H1 transfer though my extension got an RFE?


Please help me how can I handle this case.







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