Stamping done at Jamaica Mar 27 2014


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We (me and my friend) had interview this morning at 9 and both of us got stamped.


Here are the questions 


1. Do you have any supporting documents other than i797?

    I said YES. and gave my employer letter


2. Do you have your i20s?

3. Who do you work for?

4. How much is your pay?

5. You will have the same company name on your pay stubs?

6. Where did you do your masters?

7. When did you graduate?

8. What was your major?

8. Who is your client?

9. What do they do?

10. What do you do for them?

11. When are you leaving Jamaica?


Collect your passport on Monday :)


Below are the questions asked for my friend


1. Have you done your masters at XXX university?

2. Give me your recent w2

3. Wats your major in masters?

4. What do you for you employer?

5. Who is your client?

6. What do they do?

7. Where do you stay? Do you like the place?


Collect your passport on monday :)


All the best everyone for your stamping :)


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