H4 going to Visa Stamping but H1B transfer has RFE - Please answer


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Hello I have initiated H1B transfer from company A to B, but I am still with company A. Unfortunately my H1B transfer got RFE which is still in progress. Since H1B transfer is taking too much long time I have taken Visa appointment for my wife on first week of April with company A H1B petition (DS160 form has company A H1B details). I have 3 questions


1) Will there be any issues for my wife H4 visa stamping because my H1B transfer is in RFE status?


2) If my H1B transfer approve (from company A to B) before April 1st week, will there be any issue for again going for stamping on first week of April (using company A H1B petition) if I still continue with company A?


3) If H1B transfer did not go well, can I continue with company A as usual without having any problem?

Looking for expert's answer as it is very critical for me. Thanks in an advance.

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