Nikha and its implications to Green Card or VISA extension processes

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Hi Sir,

I had a love with Muslim girl who is a widow and have a 10 year boy child at the time of our marriage.

I am from Andhra and she is from Pune and due to my job in Pune, I met her.

I got transfer to Chennai on April 2012.

In the month of July 2012 I went to Pune and had marriage.

Marriage was arranged at a lawyer office in pune as per the hindu ritual and he provided a priest copy.

We went to Pune registar office and rigistered our marriage as per special marriage act.

I got H1 from my company to work in USA in Sep 2012

Then, applied passport and then H4 VISA for my wife and didn't get chance to apply for her boy.

She is in pune with her mom and dad and am in Chennai after the day of marriage till i travelled to US.

In the month of Dec 2012 I reached USA and requested her to come USA

She reached US in the month of March 2013 and left in the month of April 2013 (14 days of stay in US) due to some misunderstandings.

In the month of July 2013 her brother got to know about our relation and asked me to come India to have a Nikha inorder to take diverse as per Muslim law. As per his conversation, all that process can be done in 8 to 10 days.

As I am not interested in diverse, I did not responded to any of her family members.

In the month of feb 2014 my wife called me and started asking to have Nikha, so that she will get respect and allowance from her family members to live with me along with her son.

1. First of all, do they have right to take diverse as per muslim law if I do nikha with her now? - I don't want diverse.

2. can they make nikha legal as I already registered my marriage earlier.

3. Will nikha change my documentation of religion from hindu to Muslim? - I want my religion unchanged to me and my children with her.

4. Will nikha impact any of the aspects in Green Card process or VISA extension processes?

5. I am not in a position to go India now, If all the above are favor to me, Is there a way I can have nikha without physical presence at India?

I love my wife and don't want to leave her hand till my death and at the same time, I can't be insecure and uncertain on our relation and also can't spoil my career.

I don't know whom to approach for this case and got your name from one of my friends. Please Help!

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