Mistake in DS3035


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I entered one information incorrectly in the online version of the DS 3035 form.
I completed the process however, and have the barcode page and case number.


There is no way to correct it. Have anyone gone through the same issue.


Can I fill the same form with same case no

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I was not able to correct it in anyway , so just striked out there and Handwritten the same info. I also kept a letter apologizing for the mistake. Will also email them the same.


I sent the document via Fedex, hoping all should go well. WIll keep the forum updated.

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Hi All,
Well, I got the reply from US Department of State. In case you detected any error (even minor one) in DS-3035 after submission,  except that for mailing address, phone number and email id, you have to re-apply for DS-3035 and have to get a new case number for further processing. It will delay your process atleast 3-5 days. So be careful !!!

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Hello Raj


Sorry for my late reply by the time I saw your message I also saw your reply that one needs to file a new case. After reading your reply I was totally scared and emailed them.


But before I received the reply , my status showed favorable recommendation. So mine was approved and the handstriked correction did work for me. My mistake was small though and not in mailing address, phone number or email id.

Good luck with your application.

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Hi Ram,
Thanks 4 the note. I believe you ale lucky then. However, I didnt mean to scare you ;)
Yes, minor error could be understood by officers. Though avoiding risk is far better.  
May I know how much time exactly took for activation of your case number.

I request, please keep all posted so that it help others as well. Painful taste of 212 e you know better, so help others. I do share mine once i get it. 

Wish you all the best !!!

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Hi Ram and Raj, 

I completed my DS-3035 and got the barcode page and case number, after getting this I realised that I also made a mistake in my DS-3035. This package is still with me and I didn't mailed this package. Can I discard this package? and Can I fill new DS-3035 to generate new bar-code and case number?

Thanking you in anticipation 


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